Child, Love Hasn’t Failed You

Love failed you again, hasn’t it? You haven’t called since we last spoke and I felt trouble was brewing on your side of this world. How have you been? I wanted to cloak you in comfort, but you chose independence. That choice bears the joy of being on your own, and the burden of bearing the pain on your own.

You told me last time you were doing better. You told me last time; you aren’t about to do anything crazy for love. But you’ve told me so many things before and how you ate your words again and again. I worry. You don’t call often, but you do at least once a month. The month is about over and I haven’t heard from you. Love failed you again, hasn’t it? Continue reading Child, Love Hasn’t Failed You


You are My Dance

To me you are a dance

My body has yet to learn.

Where my joints mimic

The shape of you—

Filling spaces in the cavity

Of arms and legs


This beginning, though

Are filled with sharp

Angles, elbows flying

And feet that know not

Left from right, heels from

Toes, each movement

A moment to pause

And count again.


You hurl in pain

Each time I step on your toes,

Each time I fail to catch

Every jump, every ache

You throw into my arms

And how my wobbly

Arms fail to hold the weight

Of you, each lift

Each time.


Let me not stop from dancing

For now I know to hold your hand

As I release you out into

The world, to twirl you perfectly

As you celebrate yourself

To step with you as

You gain foothold.


For while my body knows

You not from its womb

While your first cry was

Soothed not by these hands

And these arms held you

Not in a cradle

As you sought comfort the

Day you were born

You are the dance I chose

To learn, my body

Chooses to know-

To hold, to lift and catch

In every rhythm of pain

In every beat of heartache


To me, you are the dance

I will always learn,

until you become the dance

that echoes in my soul,

fitting perfectly in the cavity

of my embrace.